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Helpful tips for our loveable newbie pirates:

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1Helpful tips for our loveable newbie pirates: Empty Helpful tips for our loveable newbie pirates: on Thu Mar 25, 2010 11:27 pm


Here is a link to the YPP yppedia MAIN PAGE:

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

This link has the YPP search engine...just type in whatever you are looking for in the search engine and it will take you straight to it


[PTB=(P)ermission (T)o (B)oard

LPR=(L)il (P)irates (R)oom (bathroom)

SMH=(S)ea (M)onster (H)unt (must be subscribed to go on a SMH)

NB=(N)otice (B)oard

AFK=(A)way (F)rom (K)eyboard

FLOTS= Flotillas

wd= (w)ell (d)one (usually said in card games)

gj= (g)ood (j)ob (usually said in card games)

p= (p)artner (usually said in card games)

vn= (v)ery (n)ice (usually said in card games)


To see who is online:

/who = to see the total amount of people online in whole ocean or on an island.
/who = to see if an individual is online and their info/location.
/cwho = to see crew info or who all is online in a crew.
/fwho = to see flag info or who all in online in a flag.
/vwho = to see where a ship is or who all is on that ship.

Using the chats:

/o = Officer chat
/fo = Flag Officer chat
/r = Royal chat
/tell = to send private message or use "tell"

Do NO Good! Yarrrrrr!!!!

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