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About Us!!

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1About Us!! Empty About Us!! on Thu Mar 25, 2010 11:23 am


"Booching Blaggards" was founded on February 13th, 2010 by a scallywag pirate named Xule and his trusty First Mate, Alniyat with full emphasis on creating a flag that is free to have as much fun as a pirate can stand on the Midnight Ocean!

Click HERE to view our Flag!

Flag Statement:
Hoy mates! We be a bunch o scurvy pirates, lazy landlubbers and booching blaggards who value our freedom, independence, cookies and rum above all! We be doing what we think be best and we be the best at it! Yarr!

Flag Mission and Goals:
There are many aspects to this game and we like to explore all of them! From events to blockades and pillaging to the parlor tables and every thing in between! But our Main mission is this:
"To see just how much fun we can have...or go broke trying!"

Our Flag colors are:
Black and Maroon

Crew's joining the flag:
Any Crews interested in joining the Booching Blaggards flag are free to contact any royal member to set up a meeting to discuss the possibility of joining the flag.
**Please note that, although the Royal and Titled positions do not necessarily bind you to an underlying responsibility that they are not handed out lightly and will be discussed and given out at the discretion of the Royals.

Flag Alliances:
"We do not have Official alliances because of how the game mechanics work which would hinder our ability to explore and participate in all areas of the game. However, if you wish to speak with us about an unofficial alliance, please feel free to contact our Monarch or Royals to set up a meeting to discuss the possibility."

**On War Dec's:
Bugging our flag too much or rubbing us the wrong way could land yer flag a War Dec...and if ye return the War Dec, we will be more than happy to sink all yer ships!

We are not a highly organized flag and have no set of rules that we strictly follow at all times. Our finances are structured so that they can cover whatever means of fun we are feeling like having on any given day or week. And our leadership team is set up in such a way that works best for us. Our Monarch is our leader--not our ruler--and as long as he keeps us happy, we will follow him anywhere.

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